Our group at the beginning of all the different waterfalls here at the park !
This is what greets you at the end of the trail. Words cannot describe how incredible this is.
I forget the name of this animal, but it stole Taylors cheeseburger right off of her plate while she was sitting down and praying for the food !

They gave her another cheeseburger by the way. Today was a great day to just relax, and to stand in awe of God’s creation! The team got to spend time at the park where all the falls are, and then we went to another little park where all three countries meet together (Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil). Later in the day we went to Tim’s house for their Sunday service (Brazilians have church on Sunday night, and not in the morning). It was a great time to fellowship with the believers there, they really have an awesome church ! We also had a great time at the church retreat yesterday (although it was a little cold). It didn’t rain, so that was a blessing. We got to worship together, study the Word together, eat together, and of course play soccer together……which I may add that our American team beat the Brazilian team 3 to 2, thanks to an own goal on them in the first minute, and Brain being on fire in goal! Of course I understand it was pure luck.
Please pray for us tomorrow as we go to our last English School in the afternoon. Pray for open doors to be able to share about our relationship with Christ, and how He has changed our lives, and can do the same for them. We all really appreciate your prayers. We know the Lord has been so faithful to answer them. Ok, I’m going to bed now, many blessings to you guys.