This is Julianne.  Julianne just left Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia to serve alongside the ministry of Calvary Chapel Entebbe, Uganda.  I have been meaning to write this post for the past 2 weeks, around the time she left, but I’m only getting the chance now.  Julianne will be serving there in Uganda doing a bunch of different things really.  She will be teaching at their primary school, developing curriculum for the school, teaching English for the Adult Education Program that they have at the church, helping with their Saturday Kids Club, and somehow in the middle of all of that she will be learning Lugandan!  Certainly the Lord will be keeping her busy as she devotes this time to serve Him there in Entebbe in whatever opportunities are opened up for her.  I am blessed to see a young lady graduate College and then obey the Lord’s calling on her life to serve Him by going to Uganda and working with a church that is reaching their community with the love of Christ in so many different area’s.  I pray that many more young adults would have a heart to serve the Lord in third world countries where there is so much need for the love of Christ to shine bright! Obviously I understand that the Lord can, and will,use us wherever He has us, but the call to leave our comfort zones, and friends, and family and home church for a harder, less attractive, less convenient lifestyle to serve Jesus is a hard one, and I applaud her for being obedient to it.  I would check out her blog, as well as commit to pray for her as she is just in the beginning of her journey there in Uganda.  I know she would appreciate it very much!