The island the team is on now is in especially poor condition. It is one of the smaller of the surrounding islands. From about 5 to 8 in the evening swarms of flies are relentless and unbearable. Nights have been rough. Sleep has been scarce. The island is covered in trash does not have a proper system for managing sewage, and as a result you really have to watch your step. Camp has been set up and there are droves of children on the island all curious and eager to interact with the team. There are 32 people altogether staying on the island. The team includes both the members of our missions team and a support team provided by CC Entebbe.

First Medical Outreach

For the first outreach the team took a 30 minute boat ride to an adjacent island. They saw about 150 people and amazingly the dental team pulled about 100 teeth! Many needs were met and the translators have been extraordinary in helping to communicate with many individuals. With Uganda currently in its rainy season the team was not surprised by the spates of pouring rain. While specific preparations including tents were made for this trip, the site of such downpours couldn’t help but cause some worry about the condition the camp would be in when they returned. Fortunately camp held up just fine.

The improved conditions on the island on which the outreach was done has raised some discussion about relocating the camp for the coming evening. Overall the outreach was a great success.

What’s next.. .

After tonight’s sleep the team will pack up camp and take a 2 hour boat ride to minister to their next island. Prayer requests:

That the team would stay healthy
That the Lord would hold back the rain
And for his Spirit to move among the people tomorrow.

Overall the team is having a great time. A few brave souls, have even gone swimming. Here are some videos:

Church Worship Service:


Kid’s Club: