Hi everyone, as you can see, we have a new layout for our Missions site, I hope you like it.  We’re constantly in the process of trying to make things better, and I feel that the new layout will help improve the user experience, and will hopefully make viewing pictures, and video easier as well.  On my end it will certainly allow me to upload more media quicker and more easily. Feel free to log in every couple of days as new posts and media will be uploaded more frequently. We have a couple things that are almost ready to post including an update on what’s going on in Siberia with the Nenet people of  Yamal, as well as some news regarding another Calvary church plant in Zambia.

I wanted to briefly share about C.C. Philly’s upcoming trip to Uganda from February 23rd – March 5th in order that as the Lord leads you can be lifting us up in prayer. The trip will be mostly a medical trip with 2 doctors, 3 nurses, a dental hygienist and 3 support staff making up our team.  We will be working with Pastor Craig Lindquist and Calvary Chapel Entebbe, coming alongside their medical ministry to host free medical clinics on various islands on Lake Victoria.  Close to the port city of Entebbe, there are numerous islands that have villages of people on them.  For reasons that I won’t be able to go into on this post, most of the people on these islands are forgotten, don’t receive the care that the government promises them, and basically are stuck there because they can’t get jobs in order to make money and get off of the island.  Drukenness is rampant, and children run around without any parental love or supervision.  Many of the women sell themselves in order to make ends meet, and there are no clinics and sometimes no schools for the kids to get an education.  We will be camping out on one of these islands as our home base during the week, and traveling by boat each day to a new island in order to host these medical clinics, and kids outreaches.  We will get to treat their physical needs in the name of Jesus, but more importantly, we will get to minister to their physical needs as we share about the Love, Hope, and Grace of Christ Jesus, our Savior.  Some of the team will be gathering the kids at these islands each day to share Bible stories and to share about the Hope we have in Christ.  Loving the unloved, and sharing Hope with the lost will be high on our priority list.

Before we head out later this month I will post a more detailed list of things to be praying for.  Until then, I would ask that you would pray for our team, and that as we meet over the next couple weeks the Lord would continue to knit our hearts together as one, and that we would grow in unity for what He desires to do in and through us.  Please also pray for open doors to share with those that we will be treating.  Pray for the bondage of sin to be broken in the lives of those that we meet – and that by the power of the Holy Spirit, many lives would turn to Christ, who is our Life!

Note: The picture above is one of islands where we will be having a clinic at.