Hello everyone, I know this is a little late, but I wanted to assure everyone that our team did indeed return safely this past Tuesday evening, February 11th.  I basically slept all day on Wednesday in recovery mode, and then was welcomed by 12 inches of heavy, wet, snow that was waiting to be shoveled on Thursday! Needless to say, my body has not been enjoying this cold weather.  

I’ve asked a couple of our team members to write some thoughts about the trip, and hopefully this next week I will post those entries as they come in.  I wanted to thank you all for keeping this entire trip in prayer.  I think in many ways it was the most successful trip out of all the past medical trips we’ve taken to Uganda.  I think the difference with this trip was the emphasis on the gospel message getting to every patient, and our desire to hold various outreach’s during the day and night at each location.  Not mention you all praying for us too!

Not only were our kids club teachers sharing the gospel with the kids on each island, but our medical staff also made it a point to be praying with their patients and sharing the gospel with them as well.  We had several other teams that just walked door to door all all day telling people about the medical clinics, and sharing the Good News of Jesus with them as well.  A couple of evenings we showed the Jesus movie in Lugandan (their local language) and had many receive the Lord through film.

The trip was in no ways easy….

– Our boats engine breaking down for two hours not even 45 minutes after we left the mainland.

– Having to endure muddy tents and clothing because of rain storms.

– Learning how to go to the bathroom when there are none.

– Enduring the strongest and wildest thunder storm I’ve ever seen (at 4 am) and peoples tents collapsing, and blowing over.

– Sickness from either 1. bad water, 2. spoiled meat, or 3, viruses caught from our patients.

But, in all that, (and more), the Lord delivered us through them all, and once again reminded us of His grace, mercy, and love in sending us to Uganda to serve Him there, and being faithful to do His work in our hearts as well.

Another aspect to this trip was building the church in Nangombe.  Our crew got so much work done and worked late every day to see that the job was finished.  They left a lot of blood, sweat, and tears at the farm in Nangombe, but because of their efforts, this village now has it’s first church…..yes, it’s FIRST church where they can come and hear God’s Word being taught to them.  I will write a little more about the church in Nangombe at a later date, it is so very exciting!

So here are a couple of more pictures, I’ll try to post some more this week as well.