This was written by one of our medics Jim who came to Uganda with us.  More testimonies to come!

“It is an honor to be in a position to testify of God’s goodness and timing during our trip to Uganda. I remember one incident while we were on the island of Makusa, a small island of about an acre filled to capacity with people. While there, the Lord allowed me to meet a conqueror  in Him. She came into the clinic, a resident of the island, with simple complaints.  I was impressed how well she understood and communicated in English. After tending to her medical needs I began to share Jesus with her and also the purpose of our mission on that island. She said she was a fellow Christian and believer in Christ. I was informed earlier by other laborers that there was no formed church on that poor conjested island, but I was blessed to hear that this young lady was a part of a twenty person fellowship that met every Sunday in that small run down hut. Even more amazing was the next patient that I spoke to who had backslid and wasn’t walking with the Lord and felt like our medical mission was a sign from God to call him back. The man needed a place to fellowship so we were able to introduce him to our sister in the faith and inform him of the Sunday fellowship. This gentleman was one  of the last patients in our line and would have missed this opportunity had he showed up any later that day. Here was a perfect example that even across the world there are more than conquerors for those that love Christ. Jesus’ great commission is being fulfilled as the people from Uganda are believing in His name, and being redeemed from their falling away from Him. On this trip God, again, just blew me away”!