This is taken at a Ukrainian post right outside the town of Odessa.

The guys practicing for their shows during the next 3 weeks.

Some food that was purchased to give to the military personnel along with Bibles.
Everyone in the area is very pro Ukraine.

Hi everyone, I just received an update from Igor and Paul in Ukraine. Check out below to find out what they will be doing this next week, as well as some specific items to be praying for.

Good morning my brother!
So, we’ve been here for almost a week and at the moment we are at C.C. Ternopil, getting our program ready for the beginning of this tour. We have some wonderful musicians playing with us, two of them btw are George and Jon Markey, pastor and worship leader of this local Calvary. Monday night we are gonna be heading back to Odessa in 2 vans, since our first big concert will be held in a huge government youth and children summer center (lots of them are refugee from eastern Ukraine) called ” Molodaya Gvardiya” (Young Guards) this name have been there since the Soviet Union times.(free information).

For the past 3 days we were meeting with different people and planning our time in Odessa. Here is our approximate plan for the first week of our tour:

Tuesday – arrival to Odessa from Ternopil and our 1st concert at 8pm.

Wednesday and Thursday – probably concerts for Ukrainians marines, since we are working there with military chaplain we should have plenty of opportunities to serve during these 2 days. Also we will visit drug rehab on one of those evenings, where we will have a small service.

Friday and Saturday – small trip to Kherson region, right at the Crimea border, we are partnering up with one of the local pastors to visit several border military camps and play for those soldiers.

Sunday – another big concert at the “Kuyalnik” sanatorium in Odessa. This is a major location for refugees from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. There are more than a two thousand people at this place, also, some of the military personnel from occupied Crimea will be there as well.

Please be praying about all these things, so our Lord would provide people with open hearts and open doors!

Lastly, during our days in Odessa we met a great guy who’s ministry is helping injured soldiers, and also providing food for soldiers on those block posts. We had a chance to bring some groceries with him to one of those places and meet soldiers from the National Guard and give them Bibles! Everyone at this location it pretty jumpy, since several days ago, one of the soldiers was shot from the nearby woods… -looks like separatists are trying to destabilize the situation in the Odessa region. Please pray for peace in Ukraine, as people here are really scared and tired of this war!