Here is the latest update from Brian on the field:

“Hello everyone, thanks for your prayers. Yesterday we attended the MBB (Muslim Background Believer) church in the morning. It was an interesting experience to sit there and feel the unity with the brothers and sisters that only the Holy Spirit can bring even though it was in Arabic. They began with a half hour of worship followed by an open time of prayer and then the pastor taught on John 15 for about 30 minutes, followed by more prayer and worship. It was humbling to learn more about the history of the church there and some of the believers there. One of them is also connected with the wheelchair ministry we’re involved with and when he and four of his friends became Christians, they were brought before the Islamic counsel in **** and asked to recant. When they refused they were beaten, thrown in prison, and eventually they had their properties seized and were no longer allowed to have their shops or places of work in the local market. They truly know the cost of following Jesus here. After the church service, I met a young man named B*****. He came over to me and said he wanted to practice his English on me. I ended up staying about an hour with him and two of his friends trading Arabic and English back and forth. I invited him to come to the guesthouse today and we spent an hour studying English together.  We are still hoping to catch a flight to the camp in the south to do an assessment of the handicapped refugees for future trips. In speaking with many people here, one of the most difficult groups to penetrate has been the ******* tribe.  They are know here for their hostility and violence and there isn’t really anyone actively working with them. A linguist here is working on the New Testament in their language and he has also developed about thirty bible studies in their language, but on one is yet working amongst them to share the Gospel with them. Please pray that the Lord would call those set aside for this work, and that He would use them in great ways.  Please also pray for the rest of the week that we can get out to the camps and that when I meet with the field leader on Thursday I can find out as much information as possible about opportunities here, possibly with those same people I mentioned above.  Also, continue to pray for the MBB’s here. These guys seem to be very strong in their faith, but it must be very difficult. Later today, we are going to distribute some grain at a nearby leper colony and visit a couple of families in town”.

Let’s continue to keep Brian and those that are serving there full time in our prayers