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In the fall of 2019, our church helped from Pastor Jean-Pierre of Calvary Chapel Bujumbura, Burundi with the funds to purchase all of the equipment necessary to show the Jesus film in the remote areas of the country (this included a generator, projector, sound equipment, DVD player, etc.). The Jesus Film is a great evangelistic tool, as it has been translated into so many languages, including their national language of Kirundi.


On the week of August 10th, Jean-Pierre left with a group of 7 young men to go on an evangelistic outreach. They traveled over 100 km from their city, up into the Burundian mountains where they encountered many villages that knew little or nothing about Christ. The group evangelized during the day and invited everyone to come to a centralized place in the evenings where they would show the film. Over the course of two weeks, many hundreds of people heard the gospel message and dozens of people prayed to receive Christ as Savior.

Below are some photos from some of the days of outreach.



The trip was not without difficulties; while they were able to load the equipment and ride a bus for the majority of the trip, the vehicles available to them could not drive up into the mountains. But this did not deter them, and they carried the equipment rest of the way.

Along the way one of the young men stumbled and some of the equipment was damaged, and shortly after arrival three of the young men were hospitalized due to illness. They spent a few nights in a local hospital but were able to recover and finish the outreach.

While gone, they also faced hardship in their home city, as a storm blew through and tore the roof off of their church.

On Friday, August 21st the group returned to their home city of Bujumbura. Shortly after getting back home, pastor Jean-Pierre contracted Malaria and had to be hospitalized. He is currently doing much better and is expecting to be home soon.


The Lord moved in a powerful way on this trip. The people have asked them to return in a month and despite all the hardships that came with it, the church is planning on returning!

Please continue to join us in prayer and support of Jean-Pierre and Calvary Chapel Bujumbura


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