Here is an update from our C.C. Philly family serving in China.  Please remember to be praying for them!

“Our First Month”

Our first month here has been quite a whirlwind: between starting school shortly after arrival and setting up house, stomach bugs and morning sickness, some great food and some not so good (example A: the raw chopped turtle, amongst other raw, chopped things, that were placed on the table in front of us one day), there has hardly been a spare moment. But our Father has been faithful, as He always is! We are finally beginning to get settled in here, and are finding our apartment to be just right for us. Within walking distance to school, as well as a few small stores where we can get necessities as well as fruits and vegetables, it is an ideal location for our little family! There are a number of other things that have just begun that we are also very excited and thankful for. This week was the first time that C*** felt well enough to sing with the praise team during our little sunday fellowship. And this past saturday also marked the beginning of the ‘Next’ study, which is designed for building up new chinese brothers and sisters. I get to teach the men, and was blessed to have six guys turn out. Please ask the father that I would have wisdom and really be able to help give these guys a firm foundation, from which they will not be able to be moved.

The kids:
They are doing well and adjusting great. They are all excited about and love school. R was student of the week for her class in only her second week of school! She has also lost two more teeth since our arrival, which is making for quite the smile! V is also excelling. Many of you know some of the fears we had had that this transition would be very difficult for her. To our great joy she is doing far beyond our hopes, and is making us very proud. DD has her struggles (especially during mandarin class) but what two year old wouldn’t after being moved 8000 miles and sitting in a class where she doesn’t understand what’s being said. She is also a real attention getter with the chinese (the other girls are as well); there has been times where we’ll be in a grocery store and look over and a stranger will be touching her hair – they are fascinated by the curls! They are amazing to watch – we are so blessed. And we are blessed to have all of you thinking of us and seeking the Father over our lives and service. This is what we covet most of all. I’ll post some pictures soon!

We are thankful for:
A relatively smooth transition,
A nice living setup
A fellowship to gather with
Opportunities to serve

Our requests are:
Help with language acquisition (we start tutoring this week, twice a week)
Continued safety and health
The Next study – the laying of a firm foundation