Here is the latest update from our missionary family serving in Asia.  Please remember to keep them, their family, and their ministry in prayer.

“Early in the year 1907, at the Donhuvar compound in Southern India run by Amy Carmichael, and epidemic of dysentery swept through which claimed the lives of 10 of the 16 babies being cared for. Amy, herself away at the time recovering from illness, once again came under fire from most other ‘workers’  in the area. The place was to crowded- she should borrow money to expand. She should hire workers to help. She should make use of ‘nominal’ believers in the work – all commom practices amongst the othes. But none of these were part of the vision that the Father had given to her. She was distraught. In correspondence back with Amy her main helper, Ponnammal, said this: “Let us work until we drop, but let us never lower our standard.” This is the path Amy had traveled until this point, and it was the path she would remain on the rest of her life. Uncompromising to what she felt the Lo** had showed her.

Are the standards that Amy Carmichael upheld universal? Not necessarily – The H.S. works in different ways with different people and in different ministries. But the question that begs answering is this: Have you lowered your standard? Because the temptation to do just that is always there. In fact, when things get tough, that is often the first thing that comes to mind – what can I do to make this easier. Often our answer to this involves lowering the standard revealed to us by the Father. But this should be resisted at all costs. Will He who called you not also be faithful to do it? What is the standard that He has given to you- for you family, your ministry, your life as a whole? Hold fast to that in the tough times and you can be sure that He will see you through.

Our time in the States was Great! Refreshing, encouraging, fun (though not always restful), we were so glad to see everyone and for the support shown to us. Thanks so much to everyone who shared a meal, there house, their finances, pra*ers, etc. We were truly blessed. But we were also excited to get back to our home here, and get things moving again.

The second semester has begun for the whole family.  Ruthee and Vaylah are working towards finishing 3rd and 2nd grades respectively.  They are taking Chinese lessons on Monday and Thursday afternoon.  Dayuma is learning to read!  Praise Him for wonders that never cease.  Abishai is turning two this month and can count from one to ten.  Some of the numbers are English and some are Chinese…..none are in order.  Bless his heart he doesn’t know yet that he’s bilingual.  He just mixes words from both languages!

Steve has recently begun teaching through the book of Phillipians, and is really enjoying studying with the group. We are all really excited for the upcoming resurrection day celebration. Please keep this in your thoughts, as it will be an open invite to our house and there is at least one scheduled ‘dunking’.

It has been a difficult season for Steve’s health. As many of you know he has had a long battle with Crohn’s disease. Shortly before returning to the states he had a flare-up, which continued during our stay. The Father was gracious to us and provided several months worth of medicine (a sincere thanks to those who provided for this!) for us to come back with. He is currently doing better, but we feel as though something more permanent needs to be put into place. Our overall heart is to ask for his complete healing – would you ask the Father with us for this? While we are doing this, we are also considering another trip to Thailand next month, where the hospitals and doctors are first rate. If the complete healing is still down the road, we feel it is wise to get under regular supervision for the illness. But in all, we desire wisdom, and not to be controlled by fear of any kind.

And I (steve) want to say thanks to my wife (she doesn’t know i am writing this). She is truly the Father’s gift to me. She is like superwoman, especially when I am not feeling great. I am truly blessed!

Thanks so much and love to all! ”