Simulacast: Sunday 6/15 we had the opportunity to have a live Video call with our team at Calvary Chapel Ndola in Zambia.

What a blessing it was to share words of encouragement and prayer together with our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world!


[Updated 06/21/14…]


“Our last night together in Zambia. Safari and watching lions.”

[Updated 06/20/14…]


“Thursday afternoon was CC Ndola’s turn to make us a typical Zambian meal.  The meal was followed by a service where we worshipped, and each prayed for each other. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place as we all said out goodbyes.”

[Updated 06/17/14…]


“These images are from Street evangelism with the church at CC Ndola. We rented a tent and put it up on a soccer field right next to where the church meets. Many people got saved and we’re praying that they will get connected to CC Ndola.”


[Updated 06/15/14….]


Hello everyone,

The conference with CC Ndola is going well. Pastor Mike and Pastor Carlos are currently teaching through the book of Ephesians.

New people that we have been inviting are coming each day and we are using this opportunity to get them connected with Pastor Ackson and CC Ndola.

This morning Mike and I went with Pastor Ackson to the city counsel to talk to the head of land development to see if any progress has been made in acquiring land for the church. Things are slow going in that regard but we’re praying there will be a breakthrough soon.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday where the church is coming to our guesthouse for an American meal as this will give us more time with other members of the church that have not been able to join us for the conference during the day this week.

Next Monday – Wednesday we will be involved in street evangelism in the area that the church meets. We’ll be going to Pastor Ackson’s house for a group meal as well as playing CC Ndola in a soccer game on Thursday (that should be fun…..)   We’ll be meeting with the church one last time on Thursday night for prayer/worship/ and our goodbyes before we head off to the Safari lodge to debrief on Friday and Saturday. We’ll head back to Lusaka on Sunday were we’ll be leaving for the States that night.

Some prayer requests would be:

Continued health and safety of the team

More people to come to the conference and get connected to the church

That we could be an encouragement to CC Ndola

That the Lord would continue to minister to our team as He has been faithful to do so far.

Pictures: We are ministering at a assisted living home here in Ndola. Gospel skit, and 2 of kids praying with the patients. Pictures also of Pastor Mike teaching at the conference.


[Updated 06/11/14…]


Hello everyone, I just wanted to update you all on our trip to Ndola Zambia so far.

The last two days have been a whirlwind with traveling to Ndola on Monday, and getting situated Tuesday,and with the Conference today. The flights here were long and uneventful and we were all very tired by the time we landed in Lusaka on Monday afternoon. We had to run a couple of errands, we grabbed some water and a bite to eat and then headed out for our 6 hour drive North to Ndola. I think we all arrived around 11:30 pm and by the time we sorted to rooms out and got settled it was 1 a.m. We were all thankful for the ability to lay down after so many hours of sitting on a seat either on a plane or on the bus!

Tuesday came really early. A couple of us went food shopping and the rest worked on some cards we were going to give away during some ministry opportunities later in the week. We left for a Public High School around lunchtime and had a program with the Christian club that meets in that school. others came to listen to us worship, and to hear a gospel message by Mike. The invitation went out, and some gave their lives to the Lord. Others recommitted their lives, and our team broke up and spoke and prayed with the students afterwards. It was a sweet time of equal blessing and it impacted our kids as well.

Today was the first day of our church conference at CC Ndola where we will be going through the book of Ephesians. Both Mike and I taught, and although there were a few hiccups with the time (the venue was not ready for us) all in all I think it was a good start.

Tomorrow we will be doing some ministry at a home for the elderly near by and then we’ll be at the Conference all afternoon.

Everyone is doing well and adjusting to life (and time) here in Africa. Things never go as planned, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that whatever is planned will start 30 -60 mins late. They have a saying here “This Is Africa” it’s true. Expect the unexpected!

Thanks for praying for us, please continue to be praying that the Lord would use His Word to encourage and strengthen the church here in Zambia as well as for the new believers to come and get connected to CC Ndola as well. Our times in the Word, worship and prayer as a group (CC Philly team) have been rich, and please pray that the Lord would continue to reveal Himself more and more as we gather. I’ll try to update soon.

The pictures are of our group talking and praying with the High School kids from Tuesday’s outreach.