This is Pastor Jaime from one of the outreach churches in the southern part of the country. We were there all day yesterday and had a great time. Our main work project was to try and rid the local soccer field of rocks, we were there for about three hours and only got 4. That might sound pathetic but each rock weighed about 200 pounds and we were trying to dig them out with poles made out of rebar and pick axes. The last one we got took all 8 of us guys to get it out of the ground and start rolling it off the field. The church here has found a great open door through soccer to minister to the community and many of the people from the church came out as a result of the soccer league.
After a futile attempt at the soccer field we focused our attention to a community outreach. Kids club went great, the children responded well to our team’s drama, crafts, and activities. As usually the night ended with children running around with Ruth Riddel’s baloons and faces all painted up. Rob and the girls played for the adults, they put the stage right in the middle of the dirt road in front of the church.
Today we went to another town which was more like a tourist town with beautiful old spanish buildings and churches. The leader of the home fellowships in the main church has started a church there so we came to help him. After a morning of painting, we got to play a 6 on 6 game of soccer against a team from the church and I am proud to say that we got a tie. Later in the afternoon, we did an outreach for the church, they rented a local disco club which was interesting to say the least. Probably the only event of its kind held there. The kids loved it and the adults were blessed by the music. Alde seemed to definitely have an impact on some of the younger kids who were there when he shared his testimony.
We are still injury free and sickness free so thanks for the prayers. We are heading to the orphanage tomorrow for a day with the kids and then they invited all the kids in the town to come over in the afternoon so we can share with them, so continue to pray that we have an open door. Thanks