Hi everyone, well, it seems like the only place that has reliable power, and any type of internet in Zambia is here in the capital Lusaka. We’re getting ready to leave tomorrow morning and I used the little time I had to run over to the internet cafe to let you all know that we’re still alive, and that we’re all doing great! No sickness, no injuries, and we’re all filled with all of the Lord’s abundant blessings! All the construction jobs got done, and then some. The guys worked hard, and the lord blessed the work of their hands. The teachings went well, and all the 150 pastors at the conference on Saturday we’re blessed. The time at Kafue National Park over the last 2 days were wonderful, I’ll have to tell you another time about the elephant that decided to invade the lodge and walk all around our chalets! Anyway, everyone is doing great, being blessed, and we’ll all have lots to talk about when we get home. Pray for our 2 flights tomorrow, and that we can all return to our families quickly. Thanks for all your prayers this past week, the Lord moved and I believe that Jesus was glorified. When I get back to the states, I’ll write more.