Hi everyone, I just wanted to briefly write that our team is now back in Entebbe. After a long days work, we packed up our boat for the last time, and traveled 2 hours back to Entebbe. It poured on Thursday evening (canceling our group campfire that was planned) but cooling the temperatures down and getting rid of some of the bugs! As far as today went, we saw around 150 people with a shortened day because we had to leave around 3:00 to get back to Entebbe. All told we saw over 1,000 people throughout the week! We all had our hot showers tonight (never felt so good) and went out to eat for a hot meal. Now we’re settling down to actually sleep in a bed!

We were talking tonight and here is a short list of things we missed on the islands that we enjoyed tonight in Entebbe. 1. An actual toilet 2. A seat to sit on that has a cushion and a back – (aka not a wooden bench) 3. electricity 4. bottled water 5. Anything cold 6. 100 bugs not constantly crawling on you 7. A shower 8. A bed 9. A roof over our heads 10. Not having to look down when you’re walking (to avoid human/animal waste) !

Thanks so much for your prayers. The Lord did some amazing things in us this week, and by His grace, He was able to use us to shine His love on a people with no hope. I’ll be updating soon with testimonies from our team and some more specifics of what the Lord did this week.

This video is of us loading our boat this afternoon after our last clinic.