Hello everyone, well, in little over a week a team from C.C. Philly will be heading to Kasempa, Zambia to visit our missionaries Ron and Bridget Wint with Lumba Christian Ministries. The trip is going to serve a coupe of different purposes, the main one being construction needs. Nine out of the eleven people going have a construction/ electrical background and will be working on various projects that are in dire need of repair. Please pray that they would be able to fix what needs to be fixed using the VERY limited tools that will be available. There are no Home Depots in the country, and the closest town that may have materials is a six hour round trip drive. So please pray that what the Lord would want fixed, gets fixed/built, and that the problems that will no doubt come – will just be little diversions met with creative Holy Spirit guided solutions! While the rest of the team will be working on these various projects, myself and Brian Weed will be teaching at various churches throughout the area. It’s a always a joy to spend time with the pastors there, and we are praying that the Lord would be glorified in our teaching, as well as in our fellowship with these men of God. Also, on Saturday, March 20th we will be hosting a Pastors Conference where all the different pastors in the area from different denominations and backgrounds will be invited to attend. Typically we can expect a couple hundred people to be in attendance. Please be praying for this time, as Brian and I teach through the first 8 chapters of the book of Romans. Pray that the Lord would address any questions on doctrine that needs to be addressed, and most of all that the Pastors would leave encouraged in the Word, and in the work that the Lord has called them to. Lastly, we will spend some time visiting and hanging out with the orphans there in Kasempa, that are supported through donors Stateside under Lumba Christian Ministries.

As I have written in the past, this is the kind of trip that has many unknown variables, and anything could go wrong at anytime, ie. transportation, sickness, snake bites, severe rain etc etc. So I do really mean it when I am asking you guys to be praying for our safety and for the Lord to bless this trip beyond what I can even ask or think. Our team feels it when the saints are praying for them, so please be praying for us – the trip dates are March 11th – 25th. I will try to update this site with pictures while there in Zambia but because of the extremely poor communication where we are in Northern Zambia, I can’t make any promises!

Lastly, I wanted to present an opportunity to anyone in the Philadelphia area that may be reading this regarding ministering to Muslim Refugees from Chad. We have some opportunities available to minister to Muslim Refugees that have been relocated from their home countries to the Philadelphia area. If you have a heart to minister to Muslims from another culture and have been praying about opportunities to do that, please send me an email and I will give you some more information.