Mike trying his hardest to keep the Brazilians from scoring on us !
The parachute was a huge success today – the kids loved this…………even the Brazilian kids !
Hannah painting a snake on the arm of one of the boys. The snake was the most popular animal for paining among the boys. I guess it’s the most masculine ?

Hello everyone. We just got in from a full day of ministry here in Campo. We started the day off with breakfast, then we gathered together for a time of worship, and prayer, and time to sit before the Lord. We started the kids outreach around 1:00 and were there till 5:00. About 150 kids from the underprivileged community came out and we played soccer, baseball, and other games with them. We also had face painting, crafts, and nail polish for the girls. We ended the day with the puppet skit, a drama, some kids songs, and of course the gospel. We held the event in a facility where they have a bi-weekly Bible study and outreach for the neighborhood kids, so we are praying that this event will help these kids to get plugged in to the ongoing ministry that is currently being held there. After dinner we went out into the town of Campo, and walked around passing tracts, and talking with teenagers. People got saved, and we invited many out to some more events that we are holding in town later in the week. Please continue to pray for our team, and for the time we have with the church tomorrow (Calvary Campo). We are running the service, and then will hang out with the church throughout the day getting to know them a little more…..and getting killed by them as we play a game of soccer ! Later tomorrow night, we’ll go back into town to hold another outreach. Everyone is doing great, and we are excited to see what the Lord is going to do throughout our time here in Campo…..He has already done so much. This was our first full day here in Campo, and it was such a blessing. I will try to update this site in a day of two with more pictures, and some video if I can pull it off.

many blessings,