“The band” playing some music at the first school yesterday morning.
There was easily 250-300 people packed in the gym in the morning.
This is at the same school but in the afternoon. It was a totally new set of kids – they were a little younger then those who were there in the morning.
Dimas (one of our translators who came with us from Philly) saying something funny…….

I don’t have a lot of time to write now, but I do want to let you all know that the last day and a half have been incredible ! The outreach to the English schools, the boys prison, and the college have been the most fruit that I have seen on a missions trip in a long time ! So many kids, and teenagers have given their lives to the Lord, that in all honesty I can’t even give you a number – it’s definitely in the hundreds ! The music has been great, and the kids especially liked it when we taught them some of the English songs. The kids have been sharing their testimonies at each outreach, and the Lord has used them in great ways. The skits, and drama presentations have been excellent, and many people have responded to the gospel as it has been given out at the end. I’ll put up some more pictures of the “youth outreach” later on tonight when we get back. The boys prision was great, but we were not allowed to take in our camera’s so sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of that.
Please pray for the youth outreach tonight. It will start around 7:00 U.S. time. We have been inviting people to come to this event since we first got here, and we are praying that many will come out tonight to hear the Good News about our King. Please pray that many would come to know Him as their Lord, and Saviour, and that they would get plugged in to the Calvary that meets there each week. God’s has been blessing so much, and we covet your prayers for tonight. Thanks in advance for laboring in prayer with us this evening. Everyone is doing great and we are all getting fat from too much incredible Brazilian food. At each meal, everyone says “this is the best thing ever. why don’t we have this at home” ! Anyway, thanks for lifting us up, and I’ll update soon.