A small of group of us went out on the streets this morning to pass out tracts and talk with the people of Foz. It was a very fruitful outing with lives turning to Christ, and others wanting to know more about the church here.
In the afternoon the entire team went to a school to minister to kids from kindergarten to third grade. We broke up into three groups and went into six different classrooms for about 15 minutes each. The three groups were broken into Portuguese music, dramas, and English music. They all ended in a presentation of the gospel, and God’s love for them made manifest by the cross of Christ. The kids were so cute, and absolutely melted all of us.
Hannah, and Bethany showing the kids the “sin chair” skit. Later on when Mike asked these kindergarten kids if they new what “sin” meant, one little boy proudly proclaimed “It’s what’s on the novellas (soap opera’s).” I would agree with that answer !
These are some of the kids that we got to spend the afternoon loving up! They were about to do a little performance in honor of their first day of winter (that’s why they have hats and gloves and all that stuff). I felt a little out of place with my rainbows, and a t-shirt on.

Tomorrow we will be in the outskirts of town where we will have the church retreat. Please pray that the Lord would encourage the church, and that we would have good weather (it rained today). I’ll update some more tomorrow night, or Sunday Lord willing.