Our team this morning as we left beautiful Campo Mourao, and made our way to Foz do Iguazu.
Pastor Tim Rogers as he introduces our team from Philly to the rest of the congregation gathered for their mid-week study.

Hello everyone, I apologize for not updating sooner, but the internet went down the last two days that we were at the Bible College, and today we spent the day traveling to Foz so it’s been a little busy. Everything is going really well – the Lord really blessed our last couple of days in Campo, and now we are excited to be here at Foz do Iguazu to help out Tim Rogers, and the Calvary here in Foz. Tonight we had a chance to spend time with the church for their mid-week study. We worshiped in Portuguese, and then Brian shared the Word – it was a powerful exhortation, and we were all blessed! I want to let you guys know some of the things that we are going to be doing the next couple of days, so that you can continue to be praying for us.

Tomorrow morning we will split up into three different groups. Some will be going to a boys prison to share the gospel and some music with them, others will go out on the streets witnessing, and passing out tracts, and others will be going to a special needs school to love on the kids there. In the afternoon, we will all be going to a kids school, where we will be doing skits, puppets, crafts, and of course sharing the gospel with them ! Tomorrow night we will be on the streets again witnessing, and sharing with the people of Foz.

Saturday will be the day that we have the “Church Retreat” with Calvary Foz. We are going out into the countryside where are team will get a chance to fellowship with the church here. We will have a couple times of teaching, worship and prayer as well as a time to fellowship witht he church….in the form of a soccer game, and grilled meats ! Please pray that this day will be a blessing both to the church here and to our kids. Everyone is doing great. Please continue to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as well as on the city of Foz. We recognize how the Lord has been faithful to answer your prayer, and we ask that you continue to labor in prayer for us in the second leg of our trip. Thanks.